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We are a leading Global HR Research and Development Consultancy that improves quality and equity in globally diverse workplaces by providing products and services that enhance workforce communications across non-native and native English speakers. Our highest priority is to enable inclusive communication across multiple cultures simultaneously. Subject Matter Expertise: global strategic HR, workforce communication, workplace English proficiency testing and benchmarking, diversity and inclusion, workforce mobility and HR training. We identify gaps in workplace communications and organizational effectiveness, and provide focused interventions to ameliorate those gaps and reduce associated risks (including those influenced by unconscious bias).

Our validated, proprietary methodologies and technologies improve employee engagement, collaboration and knowledge transfer across diverse teams through our Global 2nd Language® Online Platform™ assessments and processes: Global Second Language® learning systems (culturally-neutral GSL® English™, GSL® Accent Clarity™, GSL® Focus-On-Writing™, and Your Perspective Matters®), GSL® Translation™ alignment, D&I training (with cultural sensitivity), HRM standards development and HR initiative consulting. We enable organizations to measurably enhance stakeholder relationships, employee engagement, team productivity, change management effectiveness, and leadership competencies.